A Holiday Break Update!


   First and foremost, we hope everyone is safely at home with their immediate loved ones for the holidays. Our team will be using this time to catch up our backload of orders and plan for a huge 2021 kickoff sale after we make sure all orders are fulfilled. We are also going to do a quick revamp and update of our website. We’ll be carefully reviewing the hundreds of orders from these last 9 months as the concept of being a screen print to order apparel company was simply overly ambitious for a very small company like ours (4 people made up the entire team). In short, we got our butts kicked.


   We’ve now made the decision in 2021 to move to an in-stock store only, no more preorders and downsize a little as we hope the delays will be under control once and for all. First, we must make sure no order is left behind and this includes those that have been returned, lost in transit or missing items. In recent months, we were faced with the task of reopening the store locally again and maintaining the online store. It’s been a challenge to say the least and we know it’s best to hit pause for about a week and get our footing back to kick some ass in 2021. Cheers to everyone who has been patient and helped the bands who gave us a chance to do something in the midst of all this chaos.


To reach us directly about a delayed order, please use this email to follow up on

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