Purrasic Park (Tee)

Purrasic Park (Tee)

Rock and Roll Cat™ is a Los Angeles based brand founded in 2018 by Production Manager/Guitar Designer for Schecter Guitars, and guitarist of legendary punk rock band The Angry Samoans- Colin Alflen. Our Mission is to help stray and feral cats find permanent homes, and with each purchase ‘thanks to you’ a donation is given to cat shelters that help cats in need. We specialize in unique cat themed apparel that brings the love of cats, music, and movies together for a great cause.


“Cats have a majestic mystery to their personality. If you love them unconditionally, they will tell you their story”.


-Colin Alflen-


Rock and Roll Cat™ is more than a company, it’s a lifestyle so join us and let your cattitude be heard.